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August 8, 2010


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When you’re an agent of another’s narcisism you will develop only to show what’s expected of you. After a while it will melt into its own behaviour and achievements. They will become a “human doing” without any real feeling of their own self. People use the false integrity of religion to hide their shame and pass it on to others to moralize and jugde them. There’s healthy shame and poisonous shame. The main source to poisonous shame is family and the memes of unresolved secrets they have brought with them over generations. There’s a difference between waiting for Armageddon and creating it

Addiction to Religion

Addiction to religion has its roots in poisonous shame. You can easily change your mood through religious experience. You can fast, pray, meditate, serve others, go through sacraments, speak in tongues, quote the Bible, or just say the name of Yahweh or Jesus. If you have poisonous shame, such an experience might feel like an immense fulfillment. Since healthy shame says that we can and inevitably will make mistakes, then the righteousness becomes a type of shameless behaviour. All in all, the religious system has been a source and basis for poisonous shame for many human beings.                                                                                           

To be shame-based is to be in insufferable pain. To have lost touch with your authentic self is chronic. There’s no respite from it. There is no hope that it’ll go away, because you are flawed, you are failed. Your lone isolation traps you in a continuous sorrow, and to relieve yourself from this agony, you create an outside self to take away the terrible feelings. You need someone or something to kill this inhuman loneliness. You need a mood- and atmosphere-changing experience. Religion can convert your mood away from the pain, and will become the highest priority in your life. This maladaption will corrupt your brain into thinking ‘if it feels good, what’s the harm?’, and if someone tries to take that away, you will create excuses to convince yourself and others that it’s a need, in spite of all the facts that it isn’t. This is denial and selfdeception.
Christianity teaches that you are born but a pityful sinner. God is listening in to all of your inner thoughts and surveil your every move. To be brought up with this rigid and authoritarian system has alot to do with passing on the shame you feel to someone else. Regardless of intellect, people still cling to the childish and immature beliefs they’re convinced are true. The idea that humans are born with an original sin inflicts more poisonous shame in that you feel useless, invaluable and that you can’t separate right from wrong without the Bible, or if God isn’t using you as an instrument you are a filthy and malevolent shell.

Alice Miller collected these rules, which she calles the Poisonous Pedagogy:

  • Adults are the masters of the dependent child.
  • Adults determine in a godlike fashion what is right and wrong.
  • The child is held responsible for the anger of adults.
  • [Adults] must always be shielded.
  • The child’s life-affirming feelings pose a threat to the autocratic [adult].
  • The child’s will must be “broken” as soon as possible.
  • All this must happen at a very early age so the child “won’t notice” and will not be able to expose the adults.

Religion has put its weight and voice into putting shame in human sexuality. Some interpretations are Protestant Reformation, who actually assumes that the original sin was the sex drive, and the sexual lust, in itself. Other religions have the same statement on the subject, as repressed sexuality is a popular thing there. Religion has also been a source of shame through perfectionism. The Bible has been used to justify a number of accusations. Religious perfectionism teaches you up in a “right” way to be to show achievement. This is a recipe that contains the standards and norms on how to behave and to be “holy and righteous”. These standards dictate how to talk, how to dress, walk and behave in almost every situation. Not doing this will make others percieve you as an object of what they despise; you’re not a sinner, you are sin. Adam and Eve. They were forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge. To get some of that mercy from God you have to have blind faith, meaning; don’t eat from the tree of knowledge, you could get knowledgeable.


I can, for the sake of argument, entertain the idea that Gods exist, but not as an advocation. To be clear, they only exist in people’s minds; as a metaphysical imaginary friend they can turn to when they feel sad or (if they haven’t read the Bible thoroughly) a moral compass.  I’m not an antitheist because of some evidence that Gods don’t exist, rather as a result of the lack of evidence that they do.

If you are interested in educating yourself more on other aspects of psychology, I recommend buying a copy of John Bradshaw’s ‘Healing the Shame That Binds You’.


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